un-flowered asked:

I was just wondering, and you DO NOT have to answer this. I was looking at your SVU blog and i was just wondering what happened to you? i am sorry if this is an innapropriate question and by no means do you have to answer. i am simply curious, no hate

Not at all.  I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say, I trusted someone who I thought was a friend, and it ended very, very badly.  It was also in a time when victims were scrutinized and blamed, which is why I love SVU so much.  It may seem hard to believe, but it’s far easier to be a survivor today that it was before SVU.




I seriously hate when you’re arguing with a friend, and they make this post about whatever your talking about. They don’t mention you or anything, but you both know it was directed straight at you. And it makes you feel like shit over something you shouldn’t feel bad about. 

Maybe someone’s trying to tell you something about how they feel, and instead of being in your own head, you should look at what the point is.  And, if someone really is hurt by something you said or did, then maybe you SHOULD feel bad about it.  I don’t know…if I hurt my friends the way my “friends” sometimes hurt me, I’d want to fix it.